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Vision & mission

Our mission & vision is a full enjoyment…

IMG_7459It’s a dream as old as humankind itself: to be as free as bird, to travel with easy grace, journeying through seemingly endless days until sundown and beginning anew at first light.
Built to give you the vacation of a lifetime, Lauran can make that dream come true. Lauran is designed and built for a unique travel experience. With this vessel, the journey itself is the reward – a sheer delight that you can tailor to your own personal tastes and preferences.

Even though there’s plenty to explore on land, you should spend at least one day on deck. Relax for hours beneath the sun shade or stretched out on a soft leather mat and then cool off – from the outside with a leap into the deep blue water, or from the inside with a a tall glass of chilled water or other beverage from the ice box built into the open-air seating area.

With space for two, four or even six, you can meet here whenever the mood takes you. And if you prefer to listen to the sound of the sea on your own, feel free: Enjoy the view from the monkey swing on the main mast or sit close to the water with your feet almost in the wave tops.

Whatever you choose, the day is yours to enjoy to the full.