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Duje NazorDuje Nazor was born on 18th January 1968 in Split. After having graduated from Maritime High School as a sailor, and having completed the deck cadet apprenticeship on the ocean-going vessels of the Šibenska plovidba Shipping Company, Duje took over the steering wheel of a motorsailer, the former trabakul “Lav“ (a type of Adriatic Sea sailing coaster), owned by the Nazor family.

It is important to note that even as a young deck cadet, during the time of his apprenticeship, he proved himself to be a very brave and bold sailor with the qualities worthy of the highest rank of captain, with his virtues of human understanding, expertise, as well as a down-to-earth attitude when it comes to risky situations. Through stormy weather, in a sailboat shipwreck, Duje heroically saved one entire family from certain death.

With a family maritime tradition and the genes of skilful sailors flowing through his veins, since early childhood Duje has experienced nearly all the ways of the sea and winds. Alongside his father and grandfather, he has sailed throughout the entire Adriatic Sea, reaching Italian and Montenegrin ports.

In the 90s, Duje became the captain of his own fishing boats which were used for commercial activities for nearly 10 years. It is well known that fishermen are the sailors with most experience and knowledge, therefore at that time Duje also specialized that field and developed himself into one of the best fishermen, both in fishing catches and nautical miles.
Having inherited an old trabakul called “Lav“, which he used to command before the 90s, Duje decided to build, with his own hands and with the help of his family, a true copy of a Croatian sailboat from the 16th century, a karaka. He succeeds in doing so. After the launching of the newly built “Lav“, the pride of Croatian history, Duje took over the steering wheel and command of the ship for over 20 years creating a brand in maritime tourism.

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